Chevrolet Spark 2016

Buying a small car does not mean that you are presented with a vehicle that comes stripped down, not equipped. Car manufacturers understand that your desire for something small does not mean that you are satisfied with a vehicle that offers roll down windows. Small cars are big on value and our list of five subcompacts or mini cars just may surprise you.

1. Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet Spark 2016

The Chevrolet Spark is new is a mini car. This vehicle comes with power windows, air-conditioning, and ten airbags standard. What’s more, this vehicle offers 31.2 cubic feet of cargo room, room for four passengers and is backed by a 5-year or 100,000-mile powertrain warranty.

2. Smart Fortwo

Smart Fortwo

It seats just two people, but it is safe, easy to park and is available as a convertible, even as an electric vehicle. The base model comes with a 48-month or 50,000-mile new car warranty. Its flat folding passenger seat provides an expanded storage area when you need it, and its airbag system includes knee-bolster airbags.

3. Nissan Versa

Nissan Versa 2016

The cheapest priced car and a five-passenger subcompact sedan that manages to offer a CD audio system, air conditioning and six airbags at this price point. Three higher trim levels are also available for a vehicle that comes with a 36-month or 36,000-mile new car warranty.

4. Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta 2016

The Ford Fiesta sedan is priced $1,000 under the base Fiesta hatchback. This car made it big in Europe first and eventually made it to the U.S. where it is enjoying stellar sales. This five-passenger model comes with a 3-year warranty and an AM/FM stereo with four speakers and air conditioning.

5. Kia Rio 5-Door

Kia Rio 2016

If you need the benefit of a small car with a hatchback, then the Kia Rio 5-Door may be right for you. This vehicle offers an audio system with XM satellite radio, a USB input jack, steering wheel-mounted audio buttons, air conditioning, and tilt steering. Kia protects your car with a 5-year, 60,000-mile new car warranty.

6. Yaris Cars

Yaris Cars 2016

Being one of their illustrious small car models is offered the three year/36,000 mile basic warranty as well as the five-year power train warranty. Besides, it has been tested of the Yaris’ performances – EPA fuel economy being estimated at 29 MPG at city roads and 35 MPG at the highway. Having been released into the market for three years, it stands out as a brilliant choice to replace the maligned Echo.

7. The British car icon mini

The British car icon mini

Set apart from the range of Minis available, the Clubman is the first supermini estate to be classed within the Small car category. Distinctive, dominating and yet still compact- the Mini Clubman is the perfect choice for the young, fashionista.

8. The Toyota IQ

Toyota IQ 2016

The agile, compact small car is both unique and radical- using augmented reality within its adverts to capture the hearts of the nation- and it did with rising sales interest and a crown at the end by automotive royalty..

9. Mini Cooper S

Mini Cooper S 2016

The much loved British symbol is the hottest small car on the market. Sales rose to astonishing levels and the well-deserved winner was a distinguishable icon of the 60’s- compact, feisty, and hugely efficient.


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