You must have a passion for cars since you have shown the interest
in learning about the car Skoda Fabia RS. To know about the car, it
is better to start off with a bit introduction about the company that
is manufacturing the car. The Czech auto-mobile company Skoda has been
one of the pioneers of the business since its establishment in 1895.
Some of the well-known models prepared by Skoda includes Skoda
Octavia, Skoda Fabia, Skoda Roomster and Skoda Felicia to
name a few. The latest model released by Skoda under the model group
Skoda Fabia is Skoda Fabia RS, attempting to make a rally car hit the

Car performance

Engine is the most important car topic to start off with. Skoda comes with a 1.9
litre, OHC, 4 cylinder, turbo charged diesel engine which has also
been used in Audi A6 or the VW Golf, and is considered as one of the best
quality in its class. It might not make Skoda the fastest car on
earth, but it does ranks it up to the top levels.

The car has a decent pick up from 0-60 mph in
around 9.6 seconds. But what makes it exciting is the Skoda Fabia
acceleration from 50-75 mph which it completes in 10 seconds at
the 5th gear. It provides a maximum speed of 127 mph which
is quite contending for a car of its class. It easily hits the
benchmark of 40 mpg, and as you hit the motorway, you will soon be
touching 60 miles to the gallon. The car comes with a three
spoke-containing steering wheel with great feedback. The wheels are
made of aluminium alloy each of 16 inch diameter through which you
can spot the green brake calipers.


Skoda’s chief designer has done a decent job in
raising the bar for its siblings when he designed the interiors of
Skoda Fabia rs. The front part comes with a pretty front
bumper covering up the usual mesh-vent placed between the two fog
lamps. At the back, a somewhat deeper bumper equipped with a chromed
tail pipe is placed a little off the centre along with a boot spoiler
and some badging. All these designs give the look of a fashionable
rally car.

The interior has also been well planned with an
aluminium switch gear and clear and readable dials. The seats are
monogramed with RS black and grey fabric are quite comfortable and
can be adjusted in every possible way. The air-conditioner,
single-slot CD player, electric front windows, remote central
locking, alarm, and air-bags comes as standard quality. To complete
the look, there are a few vRS logos on the dials as well.


With the features, that the car comes with, you
might think the price is surely going to soar high. But you will be
amazed to see that the car has been priced at a meagre £12000 which
is far less than any car of its quality. Thus it ensures quite a
value for your money to go for Skoda Fabia RS.

To conclude, this particular car choice is good if
not great. It is economical, reliable and is equipped with features
that can turn several heads. If you find interest in this particular
car, do give this Skoda Fabia review a look before making a

To delineate the characteristics of Skoda Fabia RS, the discussion is
given below:



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