The German Automobile Manufacturers have been busy with their releases which have been doing quiet relatively well in the market. From the Audi S7, to a well-known and luxurious Audi RS7. These two automobiles have been doing well in the market and it would only be fair if we compared the two of them for the sake of hardcore motor vehicle lovers.

Power-House Performance

The luxurious Audi S7 entices the drivers by its fluid responses and not to forget the beastly power. It boosts having a 450-hp 4.0 – liter twin turbo V-8. This helps to power all the four wheels through an impressive automatic seven-speed dual-clutch system. Not to forget the adjustable suspension which offers great settings that fits every mood.

On the other hand, the Audi RS7 is a beast of its own. It packs an incredible twin-turbo 4.0 liter V-8 which comes with a 560 hp. This performance powers a spectacular performance-tuned automatic eight-speed which is all-wheel drive that has a lower suspension. The vehicle also makes 605 hp for more power.

Car Dimension:

The Audi S7 has the dimensions of 4.98 m (196 in) long, 1.91 m (75 in) wide, 1.42 m (56 in) high. This vehicle is a superb size for modern luxury cars. The S7 and RS7 share the same dimensions.

The vehicles also share the same Wheelbase of 2.92 m (115 in). This is relatively standard for most luxury cars.

Top Speed:

The Audi S7 reaches the top speed of 0-40 KPH in an impressive 1.2 seconds. Other test drives have resulted in different speeds of 0-180 KPH in 12.0 seconds. It reached a distance of a quarter mile in 12.4 seconds. This is very fast compared to other luxury vehicles in the same class.

The Audi RS7 however has reached a top speed of 0-40 KPH in 1.3 seconds. This is not as fast as the Audi S7. The top speed of 0-180 KPH was reached in 9.9 seconds. The vehicle did well in a quarter mile distance with a time frame of 11.6 seconds at 123.0 mph. This shows that as you increase the distance, the car’s horsepower increases the performance hence giving it a competitive edge against the Audi S7.

The Interior:

The Audi S7 has an impressive interior. When you purchase this piece of hardware, you get to experience three navigation displays. One of the displays is actually on the screen, the other one is located straight ahead in the screen just between the gauges while the third one is in the head-up display. The vehicle has a cargo capacity of 1,390 liters with rear seats folded and a very impressive 535 liters with the rear seats in place. The actual boot is spacious enough to handle your golf kit.

The Audi RS7 interior is something to die for. An updated navigation system that can rival that of S7. A revised instrument cluster, paddle-shifters, air vents and an MMI advanced navigation system. The leather seats are well curved with the “RS7” label on them. A mark of quality.


Audi S7 is a brilliant piece of machine combined with technology. It’s performance is something to be admired, but unfortunately, the price is not for anyone. The vehicle is retailing in the U.S at a price range of from $79,900 to the upwards of $90,000.

Audi RS7 is a brilliance in engineering and advanced technology. This beast is retailing at a price range from $ 260,900 to the upwards of $300,000.

The price might be high for an ordinary Joe, but for those fortunate enough to get their hands on any of these piece of machines, the vehicles are worth every penny.


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