Not everyone that wants to buy a muscle car needs to have that thick, masculine mustache that John Bolton spots. These days they’re not just the car of choice for those wives swapping plumbing contractors from the upper Midwest. What many people forget about these cars is that they are actually so simple to deal with. They rarely have many computers or electronic gadgets you’ll need to tinker with in case of any small problem and are generally easy and simple machines to handle. Herein below we want to talk about a few affordable american muscle cars for sale that you need to go buy and try out. You’ll definitely enjoy owning and driving any of these vehicles.


This american muscle car is quite a good looking vehicle. For a long time it has been largely recognized as the the executive Mustang. The interior of this car was much nicer and it had some very elegant finishing. The problem with this car is that it just didn’t have the following that the Mustang did, but, all in all it’s a really incredible vehicle.

2. 1985 FORD LTD LX

Ford started producing this car when the muscle car was in the process of rebound. It was the only four door muscle car in the 1980’s and essentially a four door Mustang GT. This car shared the same fox-platform with the GT Mustang. It was given great handling suspensions, a 5.0 throttle body fuel injected engine that could produce up to 170 horsepower and 250 pound feet of torque. This was a lot for this day and age.


This quad square headlight Mustang GT is such a great bargain. With horsepower ranging between 170 to 220 from its 5.0 liter H.O.V8 engine, this car was the performance bargain of the early nineties. This car had the best handling system of this Ford series. It also included very stylish and elegant 15 by 7 inch aluminum wheels with ultra sticky VR-15 Goodyear tires.


This vehicle is considered a more conservative muscle car. However, it still has a beautiful exterior. It has some sleek lines, especially along its front end design which was initially designed to win on the NASCAR Race tracks. The engine choices available for this car were a small block 318 cubic inch V8, small block 360 cubic inch V8 and big block 400 cubic inch V8. The type of engine picked doesn’t really affect the car’s price range much. It’s a big car compared to most muscle cars which meant lots of room and ample space for 5 adults.


The last but definitely not the least of affordable american muscle cars for sale are the 1995 Chevrolet Camaro. This is by far the best pick on this short list. One of the reasons being its controversial space ship like exterior design. The other being that many a collector all around the globe usually overlooks it, keeping its price low. However, this doesn’t matter because this car provides such great performance for such a low entering price. Its handling system is wonderful if not the best out of all the cars mentioned above.


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