BMW i8 is not your typical sports car. It is the embodiment of progress. It is a vehicle that represents the evolution we expect to see in bmw electric car. Hybrid bmw vehicles coming in the near future. The BMW electric car uses the eDrive kind of technology in combination with an electric motor and a turbo engine that is twin powered in order to give whoever is behind the wheel a driving experience of a lifetime that is characteristic of BMW.

Stream flow

When you look at this hybrid BMW for the first time, it is undeniable that it looks like a sports car with amazing design. There is however so much more. Aerodynamics is the main contributing factor to the design of BMW i8. Every detail of this vehicle is designed to channel airflow for the purpose of achieving great efficiency.

Exterior of the car

The exterior of the BMW i8 is without a doubt striking. The sweeping silhouette, overhangs, lines and long wheelbase of this vehicle makes it appear as if it is in motion even when the vehicle is just standing still. It is the scissor doors of this vehicle that make it have the sports car feel. This vehicle has a one-of a kind design that makes it stand out from previous versions.


At first glance, this BMW hybrid looks like a very fast car. It would be disappointing if it did not leave up to this assumption. This vehicle delivers and is very fast. With the TwinPower Turbo-3 cylinder combustion engine and an electric motor, anyone driving this vehicle will be impressed with its speed. The system output of the BMW i8 is 357 hp and 420lb-ft of torque.


One would not expect a vehicle with these amazing features to have fuel efficiency. This is however not the case with the BMW electric car. Its fuel efficiency is at 76 MPGe. This is something that cannot be said about other sport car brands that can be compared to this vehicle.


The BMW i8 price is estimated to be around $140,700. This price is considered to be very affordable considering all the amazing features that have been incorporated into this vehicle to make it what it is today.

Release Date

If you are looking for BMW i8 for sale, you might have to be patient. This is because the BMW i8 release date was in June 2014.

BMW i8 Gallery


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