Car rental are offered on various occasions. At the airport, you will find car rental service vehicles giving discounts on last minute rentals or arranged bookings. This are used to attract clients based on costs. This ensures the client of some savings. some of the vehicles that you are abound to get rental discounts on include:


These are used mostly used for special functions like wedding essentially to carry the bride and the bridal party. It can be hired for 24 hours only. The cost of hire is quite high but what people look for are the features that it has. They look at speed, stability, safety and sometimes special features like if a car is bullet proof. A good example of this kind of car is the Range Rover Sport or Mercedes Rental Car.

It shows class. Some of the special features include:

  • The chairs are fit with a heating system that heats the whole body.
  • The radio system is controlled from the steering wheel making it easy for the drive to change channels.
  • The inside of the vehicle is extremely spacious.
  • The size of the wheel is very wide giving is extra stability.
  • It sends out a warning signal to the driver when someone comes to close to it.

Those who hire this kind of car do it to make a statement. It shows economic power. The rental companies that give this car for hire are few. This is because it is a high cost investment. Each vehicle is given a code by which it is charged.


These are the most common cars used by the rental companies. They have a good hire turnover. The returns are also good. They are low cost investments and the returns are quicker. Many people prefer hiring these kinds of vehicles when the need arises like going somewhere with the family. This kind of arrangement is better and easier because the user has no responsibility. These cars are charged on a day to day basis. The charges are issued and paid for before the client takes the vehicle. Should there be any discounts, they are informed then and cleared. The fuel consumption is usually very low. The rate of wear and tear is relatively high. Uber is also one of the most common car rental service providers. It is cheap and good for last minute rental.

Other saloon vehicles that are used for hire are those that can carry luggage. The charges for these kinds of vehicles are higher because they have a higher wear and tear level. A good example would be the probox.

This vehicle is used to carry a lot of things because of its wide boot space.


These kinds of vehicles include pickups, canters, and other Lorries. The charge is dependent on the kind of load to be carried, the distance, and the quantity. They are hired on a Just-in-time basis. Usually, you will get a driver and an assistant. Many car rental companies do not keep this kind of vehicles. Those that do do not give them for self drive. They provide a driver and sometimes an assistant. You will find them at arrears near market places. They are commonly used for transporting household, farm produce and any other product that will need a spacious vehicle and is in large quantity.

People who practice faming will go for a vehicle that will be used by the family and be convenient to use at the farm. A good example is the double cabin pick-up.


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