The automotive sector is abroad and diverse industry that is involved in the designing, development, manufacturing and the selling of the motor vehicles globally, as a result of the rapid technological advancement the automotive sector has received a significant boost in the manufacturing process of which involves multi assemblage of the cars, that is time saving which triggers surplus supply of motor vehicles in the vast demanding globally market in a short time period.

Technological advancement is the key trigger to peer to peer car sharing process which is where car owner lender their cars by the form of collaborative consumption which is involves lending to individuals through online platform which makes it easy and offers various that suits your tastes and preference, it’s a mode that is efficient and effective to companies dealing with the peer to peer car sharing as a mainstream.

Companies majoring in this have a tendency of offering the service at a cheaply price than the traditional financial institutions, a significant plus on the peer to peer car sharing is that you can book in advance or at that exact moment in time because cars are readily available.
Car sharing is another concept that is aligned with the model of car rental where individuals rent cars for a short period of time often by an hours time this mainly suits the clients who are in occasional category and are in need of the access at that time,the lenders may be commercial based, public agency or cooperatives initiatives ,car sharing works to maximize the environmental, economical and social impact by providing sustainable ,transit oriented urban mobility as a way to benefit the communities that they serve.

Car sharing prices

Car sharing prices on the car sharing market is pocket friendly and flexible to the clients of which the customer is able to account for it terms of the services offered at the time on lend the accountability of this is seen in the condition of the vehicle been offer which in this are in good condition in that satisfaction is obtained the prices are generate upon the following factors: motor vehicle taxes, insurance, servicing, cleaning and repairs.

Europe is by far the leading in operational of car sharing sector which generates high levels of revenue this is trigger by many car owners having the same mindset of car sharing and well established and registered companies offering quality level of standards this projects success in the market and will only get better.


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