BMW creates masterpieces in its own way when it comes to
concept cars. BMW Vision Next 100 is one of them. Last year, the car
giant celebrated its 100th anniversary. Everyone expected that it
would introduce some retro-style concept car; however, BMW suddenly turned the
tables and developed Vision Next 100. The company called it 2116’s Ultimate
Driving Machine.

This BMW prototype is 54 inches in length and 192 inches in width. People say that self-driving cars will take away the spirit of driving, but when you look at this BMW concept car, your opinion diverts. It is one of those BMW concept cars 2017, which offer driver-focused handling with autonomous driving. This means you have full control over the car without
putting your hands on the steering wheel.

Boost and Ease Modes

You can say that BMW Vision Next 100 has been
designed around a typical driver. The concept car is based on two driving
models; Boost and Ease. The Boost mode gives the driver complete control by popping
out the rectangular steering out. The seat can be adjusted accordingly and the
console in the center leans towards you. The important information is shown on
the windshield. There is a lack of dedicated infotainment system but be believe
that BMW has a good excuse for that.

In Ease mode, the steering vanishes into the dashboard and
the seat adjusts so the driver can sit comfortably. The heads-up display
appears for necessary information. You can even surf the web and watch movies
on it.

There is a gemstone-shaped sculpture in the center of the
dashboard which lights up on selecting the Ease mode. This lets the outsiders
know that the car is in control of itself. Similarly, the tail lamps, headlights
and kidney grille function according to the mode.

Alive Geometry

This BMW prototype ushers a futuristic assistance
called the Alive Geometry. The concept is that 800 triangles move across the
car’s body panels and instrument panel. When you select the boost mode, the
triangles warn about the obstacles and highlight fastest lane. In the Ease
mode, these triangles tell the outsiders whether the car is coming to a stop or
making a turn so they don’t blame you later. The blaming problem seems to be
resolved now.

bmw vision next 100

Exterior and Interior

The BMW Vision Next 100 has a wild design. It can be seemed
as a sports car cum sedan. The size is near to the series 5 cars. The body
looks like a sculpted shell and the wheels have been covered with beefy
fenders. The most interesting thing is that the body has been made with a
flexible material that twists and stretches as the wheels turn. The front
features a canopy-like cockpit. It is really hard to compare with a
contemporary BMW. Even the headlights have been changed massively. The doors
are bigger and cover more than half of the car.

The interior is simple. There is no center console which
enhances the legroom in front as well as back. The roof has been made
transparent to allow sunlight to enter the car. The functionality of the seats
has not been revealed yet but they have a similar triangular pattern on them.

The BMW concept cars 2017 are really making a mark.
Like BMW Vision Next 100, they are showing that the future is nothing to
be afraid of. Now, you must be thinking that would this car happen after 100
years? Yes, the 4D-printing technology will make everything-stated-above
possible in coming years.


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