Ford Mustang 1965

The Ford Mustang 1965 – For car lovers, this is a name that sends an adrenaline rush down your spine…doesn’t it? Earlier this year, the release of this stylish car generated a never before seen hype and excitement in the market. After several months of gossip and rumors that bogged down the internet, Ford finally unveiled its much awaited surprise at the New York’s World Fair. Ford did present hand built prototypes as a teaser to the automotive press including some impressions of driving in the Road and Track car magazine. Since then, we had the luck to test the Mustang through its many specifications and were pretty convinced why it has been a consistent favorite for car lovers around the world.

Driving Impressions of the Ford Mustang -1965

Over many decades, the Mustang has under gone numerous incarnations, but it always remained true to its value – offering a cost efficient and a powerful convertible that can battle from mild to wild. After driving 200 mi in three different cars, we can conclude that the 289 in. automatic and the 260 3-speed had commendable powerful brakes and power steering while the 289 4 – speed were lacking in both. The brakes behaved well at normal speed, but their size in comparison to the car is below average.

In our review, three characteristics of the Mustang completely stood out– the riding qualities of the convertible are awesome, the car is a dream to bang on rough roads, the low interior noise as a result of careful insulation and the minimal wind noise when the windows are partly open.

Ford Mustang 1965 – Appearance

The appearance of the Mustang is perhaps the most prized catch and it managed to draw very little controversy as everyone seemed satisfied by the final end product. The long hood makes sure that the driver gets the sedan feel of the car. It is devoid of any sloppy craftsmanship and poor fit – making it a compelling preference in its own right.

Nevertheless, there were some equipment that we dearly missed and they included the lock in the glove box, the inclusion of only a single speed in the wipers and a windshield washer. But, we did give our nod to the overall styling of the body as the car was able to create the felling of speed and agility that it was made to convey. Earlier, Ford promoted the Mustang as the apt car for 4 passengers and the company neatly achieved the feature while maintaining its posh look. The driver gets plenty of space to get into the convertible as the door is very well placed and the shift lever can be reached quite comfortably.

Ford Mustang 1965 – Specs

As far as the specs are considered, the car has a coup type body with 2 doors and a front positioned engine that supplies power to the rear wheels. The car includes 2 valves per cylinder with a volume of 4.7 liters. The car offers torque and power figures of 414Nm (305 lbft/42.2kgm) at 3200 rpm and 225 bhp (228PS/168 Kw) at 4800 rpm respectively.

Finally, we conclude that the Mustang is an interesting car to look forward to. To add the car to your bucket list, you do have to burn a hole in your. The Ford Mustang 1965 for sale may oscillate from a basic $2,345 to over $ 3,000. Needless, the price is surely worth the buy.

For a treat to your eyes, you can look at the gallery below to view amazing pictures of the car

Ford Mustang 1965 – Gallery



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