How often should you change the engine air filter

Are you an automobile enthusiast? Are you the one, who likes to fetch knowledge about some new and main things in our vehicles, which most people don’t know?

If yes, then you are at right place. Today we are going to talk about a thing which prevents our car’s engine from getting in
direct contact with dust, dirt and other such particles which can affect your car’s life in the wrong way.

Yes, those who guess Engine air filter, they are right, today we are going to talk about everything related to our car’s engine
air filter.

What is the work of engine car air filters?

The engine car air filter has the primary function of cleaning the air that is coming from outside in the car’s engine. But this small work of our car’s air filter provides many benefits, such as- when it filters the air coming from outside, it prevents dust and dirt particles from getting into the car’s engine. Because of which it protects the vehicle’s engine, carburetor (it have small pores from where it releases air), fuel injection system(have small pores for air releasing), not only that by protecting our car’s engine from dust and dirt particles it helps in increasing the engine’s performance and also the mileage of our car. Car’s carburetor and fuel injection system have small pores through which they release air, and if they got filled or blocked by dust particles, then it will
affect our car’s life, thanks to our vehicles air filter, it never let the dust particles to reach up to those small pores.

How they get damaged?

Everything in this world has a time limit that it is going to serve for that time limit only, after that we have to change that thing. Same as in the case of our car’s engine air filter, they have a particular life span, within which it will work well and after
that, it will not, so we have to change them. 

Some of the common signs that your car’s engine air filter is not working correctly are:

  • Your car started drinking more fuel.
  • Your car’s engine started being rough.
  • The engine started making unusual sounds.
  • Air filter looks dirty, by checking it directly from the engine.
  • Car Producing an unusual black smoke, like never before.

There are many other signs by which you can come to know that your car’s engine air filter is damaged and
need to get replaced as soon as possible.

How often should you change the engine air filter?

As I talk about the life span of our car’s engine air filter, you must be thinking that there should have a the limited period after which one can change the car’s engine air filter system. If you are also considering this, then I want to tell you that, we all use our
vehicle for different purposes and we all have a different way to drive our car. Different purposes mean, some people use their vehicle daily, for going to their workplace and home back, while there must be some people who might be using their cars one in a month or even less.

Those who use their cars daily, this means that your vehicle gets into contact of dust and dirt particles daily, while those who don’t take their car out for many days, their car’s must not be getting into contact of dirt and dust particle frequently. If your vehicle is getting into contact with dust and dirt particles daily, then this means your car’s air filter is working more than that of the person who is not taking their vehicle out for months. More it works, more the engine air filter prevents your car’s engine from dirt and dust particles, more filtering means more early it will be needed a replacement.

So the main point of telling you this thing is, that there is a particular life span of your car’s air filter, but it depends on some other factors too.

For a general idea, who don’t take their car out often, we will suggest that one should change the car’s engine air filter at least after three years or for those who use their vehicle daily, you can change it after it worked for 15,000-30,000 miles.

One can change their car’s engine air filter in $18-25 as a new one would cost you this much or a bit less.

Have an in-depth look at your car’s air filter and your car’s performance too, with the help of which you would be able to know that do you need to replace your car’s engine air filter or not. If your vehicle is showing some problem, no matter how big or small, then you should go for an air filter change, if left unseen then it could cost you your car’s engine.


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