Choice of cars speaks a lot about a man! Today buyers are spoilt with choices by the car manufacturing companies. Some cars are bought for their style and look, some are bought for their power while some are bought for their utility.

The European automotive market is ever crowded with numerous automobile companies like BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Alfa Romeo, Renault, Volvo to name a few. The inception of the automobile industry in Europe can be traced back to the late 19th century when the first company was set in Germany. With time European car manufacturers got a strong foothold in the global market.

When the market was dominated by Audi and BMW a new Italian company emerged which gave these companies a tough competition. This Italian brand was Lancia which brought in lots of innovations and modifications. The Delta was one of its first car that was showcased in Frankfurt Motor Show in 1979. Lancia Delta is a small family car which gained rapid popularity so far.

Lancia used Greek alphabets to name its models like Delta, Beta, etc. Initially, the company exported its cars outside Italy but currently they only sell it in Italy. After facing a huge loss in the 1960s the company accepted an offer from Italian automobile giant, Fiat and started operating as their division.

Lancia Delta was unveiled in 1979 which ruled the sports car segment and went on to winning world championships quite a number of times. Delta had its first facelift in 1982 and post that in 1983 the Delta HF model was launched in the market. HF stands for High Fidelity which owes its origin to the Lancia High Fidelity Club meant for loyal clients of Lancia.
Due to its exceptional performance, Lancia Delta was awarded the European Car of the Year title in 1980. The company has the heritage of making limousine for the Italian President for the first time in 1957 which they later named as Lancia Florida.

The Lancia Delta went through a lot of facelifts and innovations which resulted in the launch of Delta Integrale 8V which had the permanent 4-wheel drive and five-speed gearbox so far. Although the marque does not have many features which can lead to a rational purchase of the car, but still the style and engineering grabs the attention of buyers and compel them to buy a Lancia. The Lancia Integrale is the car that is best known in this segment and has the capability to dethrone the Audi Quattro.

The Integrale is known for its fantastic chassis and four-wheel drive that ensures the speed can be carried even through bends. The accurate steering is well weighted, the brakes perform phenomenally and there is room for five in addition to all these features. The price of Integrale ranges from £10.000 to £30.000 for special editions. The early models of Integral are available in the market for around £3.000.

Currently, the company produces four models which are Lancia Ypsilon, Lancia Delta, LanicaThema, and Lancia Voyager that cater to Italian market only since the beginning of 2014.


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