Ever wanted to romp the driveway with screaming turbo engines that outperforms many muscle cars? Well, now you can and it doesn’t have to cost you a pound of flesh. With Skoda’s new release of the Skoda Octavia RS 2016, you can achieve much more than you would with most exclusive millennial cars. As if that wasn’t an eye opener, you’ll be blown away by the overall extreme sporty ride on this machine. Without pulling punches or cutting corners, here is our detailed review of the Octavia RS 2016 model.


Besides being buoyed for its tremendous performance and added racy design
which makes the car appearance much better than it’s previous models. Skoda Octavia is available in either a 220 horsepower 2.0 TSI petrol engine and a 184 horsepower TDI diesel engines both of which emits cutting edge performances. While the TSI savors up to a jaw-dropping 248km/h, the TDI diesel engine flies at speeds of up to 232km/h. Once again Skoda has plainly demonstrated in this new version that you do not need fuel-sucking V8 engines to enjoy superior performance. Octavia rs consumption is hearty endorsed by many as it seeps just 4.4L/100km. Skoda Octavia is available in both dual clutch DSG and a manual transmission. And if you desire fast, easy and precise gear switching then Octavia is all yours. What more efficiency would you ask from in a car that has an adaptive drive control?

Cabin Space, Design & Comfort

There is always that special admiralty that makes Skoda cars stand out from many wannabe king-crossover cars. We all know that cabin space and design of a car defines a lot. Another gem with this Octavia rs 2016 model is its wagon rear which extends from offering extensive head and legroom as well as luggage space. To relish your ride and offer a more prestigious experience, Octavia has been fine-fitted with startling clever features such as fold-able backrests, illuminated door handles and safety vest holder. And to help you carry more luggage. Skoda Octavia has plenty of sporty space, keeping in mind that it can also accommodate five passengers.

Overall Ride and Handling

Skoda delivers much more than it’s fair share when it comes to the overall ride. The new Octavia RS 2016 packs a screaming 2.0-litre four-cylinder which has amalgamated all specs to bring an obsessive horsepower. It goes without saying that Octavia rs acceleration is just amazing. Along with a well-weighted steering handling and well played dynamics, comes a push-button performance mode selection which you can use to adjust sound intensity. And if that isn’t another reason to love your ride, then nothing can spice it up.
If you’ve been following Octavia models closely, then you must have known that Fabia RS was a champ in it’s own right. But even in an Octavia RS vs Fabia RS battle, the latter version is still the best Skoda has ever produced. With a 6 speed transmission in both manual and dual clutch transmissions, Skoda lends more appeal and guarantees much more than it’s predecessors.

Final Take:

To build an elemental average sedan car that emits some distinct performance like that of a muscle car but still as livable as any other sedan isn’t that easy, but with this Skoda has defied all logic and proved many people wrong. The Skoda Octavia rs 2016 tops many sedans in its class and there’s absolutely no shame in naming it among the top sedans on the year.

Skoda Octavia RS 230 (2016) – 0-100 km/h and 0-231 km/h acceleration


  1. Great review there Martin, been reading some of the reviews, but I must say that I loved your Skoda Octavia RS review more 🙂 and it’s in my wishlist. Cheers!


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