Audi is one of the most prestigious car builders in the World. The Bavarian brand has been around since July 1909 and it’s known best for robust, quality cars that pack great performance as well as a safe, high tech vehicle to suit all needs.

Today we’re dedicating a triple comparison with its A4, A5 and A6 models competing amongst each other. A class of Audi has been around for decades and its evolution is always in line with the latest safety and technological trends. In fact, you’d be very well served with any of Audi’s line-up within this comparison to start with, but perhaps it’s best to compare it amongst them to figure out what may suit your needs.

Keep in mind the comparison base is amongst saloons. Should you be a family man, if budget permits you may as well consider the Avant versions of the A4 and A6, as these will provide further space to carry all that excess cargo. The A5 now has a Coupé version that has a further booth and rear space than the Sportback but still, is it enough? That said, the basics are there and are valid for both the Saloon and Avant versions. So which is better for your profile?

Let’s start with the A4.

The Audi A4 is a very competent automobile. In fact, you’d be very well served if you get one as its sales confirm.

Its cabin is well-built with quality materials, extremely comfortable and packs in lots of standard features to keep you going on board. The ride is well balanced and provides a great experience if you’re into competent, relaxed driving. The power is there should you need it, but this is not a performance vehicle for sports. It’s built to last, to keep you safe and is a reliable machine that will outlast its days.

Its price is very affordable considering the class where it’s in as the segment sees lots of competition with builders from Asia bringing their standards up and prices down. Still, Audi benefits from an aura of competency that is focused on doing things right the first time and the fact that its long-term experience with any of these models means they’re in constant evolution instead of testing something new and unproven.

You have a great choice of engines and equipment to complete the task of building the A4 that you need.

Its only letdown is a somewhat less than responsive steering, so don’t expect sports performance when it comes to getting it around corners.

Still, it’s an excellent car that will please many of its costumers for a great price tag.

The A5 is an excellent drive and a beauty to look at. Its Sportback it all, but it’s only when you truly look at it that you realize the beauty in design in front of you.

Audi has released the Coupé version to respond to its costumers that liked its sports look but were troubled by the lack of rear-seat space and limited booth.

A step further from the A4 in handling, it was built for improved performance comparing to its brother.

The cabin is still a step further in high-quality materials and its features onboard are more user-friendly than the A4.

The price is a little excessive for its class as you can find competition with the same arguments for a lower price tag, but keep in mind the A5 is still an excellent ride.

The sports look of the A5 has always been something of wonder, but it takes a toll on its rear-seat passengers with little space available for a comfortable ride should you opt for the Sportback. The Coupé improves on it but it’s still not quite the same as let’s say, the A6.

With that in mind, the trunk is also limited when you compare it to either the A4 or the A6.

The A6 is the king of this comparison by logic and price tag.

Its interiors are, as expected, high quality and it’s an extremely comfortable ride.

If you’re lucky enough, you can get the chance to opt for a V6 3.0 under the hood and get that sports performance that all petrol heads dream of with 286hp and 620Nm of binary with the legendary Quattro all-wheel-drive system. Needless to say, the A6 is competent in all engine options and is already competing in the premium market.

You won’t find amazing space in the booth on the but then again it all depends on what you’re in for. If you’re a family man, opt for the Variant version just as you would for any of the other A-family cars.

The A6 will win your heart by providing huge space and comfort, a strong-looking design and performance.

It ticks all the boxes in our wishlist when it comes to cars we’d own in a heartbeat, but its price tag is not accessible to everyone except those looking for a premium family car.

We will leave you with some Pros and Cons for each model:

Audi A4


  • Competent for its price tag
  • Well-built quality cabin
  • Comfortable ride
  • Lots of technological features onboard
  • Great price for its class


  • Steering could be more lively

Audi A5


  • Beautiful looking with a sports look and feel to it
  • Well built higher quality cabin
  • Good handling


  • Price too high against competition
  • Size of booth in the Sportback

Space for rear seat passengers is limited in the Sportback

Audi A6


  • Premium interiors
  • Very comfortable ride
  • Packed with high-tech infotainment
  • Engine line-up includes a V6 option


  • Light steering
  • Somewhat limited booth space

Whatever your budget or your needs, in 2019 Audi is still and will continue to be a symbol for well-built, quality automobiles.

Its A-family has been around for decades and has continued to evolve in order to adjust to times and pack enough technology to bring you the safety and quality you’d expect from its price tags. All the models compared here are a great choice for a car that packs comfort, safety, reliability. In the end it will all be down to your needs and your price range.


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