BMW is a German-based manufacturer of automobiles with a 100-year legacy. This automotive brand boasts one of the most loyal customer base and the customers form BMW enthusiast groups, forums to share the experiences, find expert information, and. They have grown popular in a huge way on the internet. BMW forums for sale have been used by people for trading BMW vehicles. The forums have an interesting thread discussion about BMW products.

It is fascinating to be a piece of discussions which are extremely educational and energizing. Finding a decent and valuable discussion group will be an extraordinary help in taking part the right discussions and information sharing. Benefits to the customers include getting good mechanics, finding low-cost spare parts etc.

BMW is not the only one manufacturer that has a lot of discussion forums. You can take a closer look to Volkswagen discussion forums.


Bimmerfest has forums for each model of BMW starting from model 1, 2 and the latest MINI models. This forum is open for general BMW questions, discussions, new member introductions. It has a well-structured buyers guide which shares the details of dealers, resources, pricing and tips and tricks that can be applied before finishing a deal. Joining this community is pretty easy- just provide the username and a password that is hard to crack. Having more than half a million members, this is one of the largest BMW community forums in the world.

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Bimmerpost has a very attractive layout with cool and dashing pictures of the latest BMW cars. It has an advanced feature which enables to filter the unread news from the read news, thus making it easier for a user to read only the latest updates. It has categorized the forums for each of the BMW series (1 series, M series, X series) thus navigating through this site to the relevant model is a piece of cake. It also has a special section for important BMW updates.

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8BMW forums

BMW forums is an interactive site which features a discussion of a wide variety of things like BMW projects, BMW users seen on road, BMW tuning and motorsport forum and also has individual forums for each of its body parts. This forum classifieds are used for advertising of new BMW models.

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7Bimmer forums UK

Bimmer forums focus only on UK region discussing both general and technical aspects of BMW models in UK. It provides a list of BMW vendors in UK and also allows discussion of upcoming and current BMW projects.

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6BMW 2 addicts

This forum is used mainly by people who are fans of BMW 2 series – for example, models like 224, 235 and so on. It features active BMW tourer discussions, pricing, ordering and delivery in the European region and has a membership strength of more than 0.3 million. It also updates the upcoming events like Cars and Coffee Raleigh, Supercar Sunday, Thursday Fairfax corner meet and much more.

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This BMW sales group provides a consolidated list of forum classifieds of pre-owned cars and offers of group buys and consolidated purchases. It also has discussion forums for BMW accessories, kits, and other spare parts.

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4BMW Car Club UK

This car club in UK covers all the buying and selling info across all the regions of UK. It has long time BMW users who organize micro meetups and other club activities within UK.

It also has info on BMW local racing updates and lots of BMW images.

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3E90 posts

This discussion forum focuses mainly on private sales and does not promote any commercial buy options or related posts. It has a Today’s posts section which offers interesting discussions of different BMW models and from different people across the world. It also has BMW garage and meetups links that attract a large user base.

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26 post

It is a very good BMW forum with extensive discussion forums on various topics. The user will get all kinds of information he needs about BMW vehicles. He can get information of warranty, spare parts, pricing of new vehicles etc. It has more topics about BMW garages and also about various BMW meetups conducted in various parts of the world.

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1BMW Edmunds

This website has deals and lease information and has forum for sale of various BMW models. Customers can filter based on model, make, year etc. and find the best deals they require. This forum for sale includes an exhaustive catalogue of vehicles.

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  1. I have a 2016 X5. I drove from 9,000 miles to 31,000 miles without an oil change. How bad is it?


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