A car says all about its owners and the people who purchase these cars got complaints about their poor vision. But on other side not considering the look these cars are from the most trusted and branded companies. Many cars are sold by a number of companies but a handful of models got clicked in the markets. Here I come across top 10 worst car models of 2017 which got bad reviews. In this article you can feel that some cars are not ugly. But these are from my point of view.

10. Jeep Cherokee

Jeep is most branded car in the world. And pricey also. But most of the people don’t know this brand. The Jeep Cherokee doesn’t look so ugly in the rear. The front end is most disturbing. The Cherokee won’t come in the ugly list unless it doesn’t have those headlights. SORRY ABOUT THE JEEP.

9. Nissan Juke

It’s name have to be changed to NISSAN JOKE. Its the most ugliest car in the year 2017. The look is not good as compared to the other models of Nissan. However the lights are not placed in the right place.

8. Fiat 500L

Most of the cars from Fiat have been taken place in the list of ugliest cars. I don’t know the exact reason why it gets the name of ugliest car brand. According to the production it is also behind the deadline. The Fiat 500L looks like a box. Hope Fiat will become better on the coming days.

7. BMW i3

Shocking news is getting about BMW. It had reached in the ugliest list. The price of the car is high. But its not worth. BMW is considered as the most luxury brand in the universe. The partition between the front door and the fuel opener (you can see in the image) makes it boring. And also the model is not so good. The i3 is impressive in technology and performance but it got failed in design

6. Toyota Yaris

TOYOTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…………. the leading brand in production line. It is the first richest car company in the world. However some cars makes them teasing over time. The one car in this list is Yaris. It needs a facelift.

5. Toyota Mirai

Another disturbing car from Toyota. I think the designers are blind. I am sure that only a few people would buy this. What a world is this? How people are accepting this type of cars??? Shame on Toyota.

4. Infiniti QX80

I think the chrome vents are not functioning. Its a bulky boxy car from Infiniti. Not good as compared to other SUV cars.

3. Toyota Prius

The Prius is the third car from Toyota in this list. Come on Toyota they must do something else, otherwise the name of the company will get degraded because of this funky models

2. Lincoln MKT

This company was started in 1917. At that time the review about the company was very good. ALL CANNOT BE SAME AT ALL THE TIME. The review about the company went down. At first the company offered vehicles for the Presidents. The new technology had made it worse. The chromium grill in the front makes it ugly.
OLD IS GOLD but compared to it OLD IS BORED.

1. Mitsubishi I-MIEV

I am sure that the mileage of an electric car is much more better than a petrol or diesel car. And also it cause less pollution. But the designs makes us not to buy an electric car. This is the reason why electric cars are less produced. Mitsubishi I-MIEV is an example. I think there is a law in the manufacturing field that all electric cars need to be ugly.


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