Top 10 Volkswagen Discussion Forums

Volkswagen is one of the largest manufacturer of automobiles and its one of the renowned brands globally. Volkswagen discussion forums are quite popular in all over internet. You may find very good discussions and threads on tech specs. There are Volkswagen forum for sale also, some people are using these forums for getting good Volkswagen used vehicles.

It is interesting to be part of discussions which is very informative and exciting. Finding a good and useful discussion forum will be a great help in participating the right discussions and info sharing.

1. VW Forum:

VW Forum is one of the popular and most widely used forums for Volkswagen branded cars. It has different sections like News, latest models, active topics customized for different user’s needs. It has a community forum that enables customers to discuss and clarify their doubts. This forum helps users to freely discuss with other Volkswagen members and know about the pros and cons and other minute details of a particular model which would otherwise be not available.

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2. Forums – VWvortex

This forum is providing a platform for wide range discussion on many topics but also they have an exclusive forum for Volkswagen customers and reviewers in terms product specifications features & its services. This is the forum which provides an option to its users to discuss on a forum which is called Volkswagen forum for sale.

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3. Volkswagen Forum

This is one of the unique forums of Volkswagen cars because it has details of both Professional and street/strip racing, has the show time and other details where the interior and exterior parts of the latest brand will be shown for exhibit. It also has two online tools- Tire Rim calculator and VIN decoder. The site also lists down the Volkswagen vendors available in a particular locality.

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4. Volkswagen Owners Club

This website called owners club provides exclusive discussions and chat rooms for Volkswagen customers. In this club each and very model of Volkswagen is having a separate discussion forum. There is also a Volkswagen forum classifieds is available here. There are many other forums also available in this website which is specialized in different areas such as body interiors, suspension etc.

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This is a single shot place for all the ads and the classifieds related to Volkswagen cars. It has a special section discussing the upcoming events like VW Coffee Meet, Quaker steak, VW Winter campout and gathering and much more. It also has links to local VW clubs, businesses , shows and thus it is a good site to make a reliable community of VW users. They also have a forum classifieds for the cars in their webpage.

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6. Volks Zone

The highlight of Volkszone website is that they provide the details of discounted or summer and winter sales that happen around the city. One can also use it to have technical discussions and also see the race results. This forum is organized month wise and it is easier to navigate compared to other similar websites.

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7. TDI club

TDI stands for Turbocharged direct injection is one of the trademark engines developed by Volkswagen group. This forum is used for TDI specific discussions, meetups, offers. This website also has more detailed articles related to TDI maintenance, repair and service options.

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8. VW UK

This forum provides a platform for discussion of UK based VW models and has a community of UK Volkswagen users. It allows discussion of current and non-current VW models, VW Track days, meetings, events, and VW classifieds and also provides a statistics of UK and International VW drivers. People can also support the growth of the forum by donating the amount of their choice.

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9. VWgolf

This VW Golf forum is devoted for Volkswagen golf models and has formed a club of golf users. It has in depth technical discussions, features and experience sharing. Users can ask query about spare parts, contact mechanics through this form

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10. VW GTI Club

This VW CTI club mainly focuses on the sale aspects of GTI models of Volkswagen. They also discuss the official results of the latest drag wars and other races around the world. It has a extensive list of seller information and thus provides a nice platform for sales of VW GTI models in south Africa.

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