If you are looking to invest in a vehicle in the next year 2019, you don’t have to wait to wait just as long to know which brands you’d like to invest in. There’s a whole list of vehicles set to hit automobile dealerships in the next year and we’d like you to be the first to know all about these futuristic cars.


Aston Martin is back at it again, making sport luxury cars for the adrenaline junkies. This car has a great sleek design, fluid body offering utmost comfort. The vehicle is a power machine as well with a V12 engine with a horsepower to turn anyone thrill-seeking hungry. Speaking of thrill seekers, the Aston Martin can launch to speeds of 62 mph in just 3.4 seconds and has a top speed of a dizzying 211 mph making you navigate those corners like a Nascar driver. And what’s more the team at DBX designed this model for women so the ladies can have a feel of walking on the wild side. Don’t worry men, there are other designs for you too.


Audi has decided to cross over to the electric automobiles with this design slated to be released in late 2018. It’s a fully functional electric luxury vehicle with a millage of 311 miles thanks to the battery paired up with three electric engines, one on the front wheels and two in the back giving it its name. It will have an expected horsepower of 435 and can reach speeds of 62.1 mph in 4.2 seconds and reach governed top speed of 130 mph quite quickly.


Aston Martin and a few other Nascar manufacturers especially Red bull have come up with a hybrid electric motorsport vehicle that looks like it was made for the race track but is entirely usable on roads. This 2-door coupe has a 6.5 liter, naturally aspirated V12 Engine to produce 1,130 horsepower. This model is a limited edition, so if you want to get on in on the hype, get it early.


It doesn’t have jus a sleek seductive design, it’s quite powerful too giving you that lethal combination you’re looking for. The Bentley Continental GT has a 6.0-litre W12 engine and a dual clutch-transmission for easy gear change. With this performance, the car can move from 0-60 in 3.6 seconds and reach top speeds of 207 mph. quite impressive. The car was is to be launched in the summer of 2018, so will be a great add-on to your new year resolutions.

BMW i5

We close the list with this addition to the BMW electric vehicle family, the BMW i5. It has a sleek future-looking design and is designed as a family vehicle. It is fully electric like its predecessors the i8 supercar and the i3 city hatchback. It will have an expected output range of 200 miles. With the design speculations, this vehicle is rumored to take the BMW electric motors to the next level with its family yet fancy design.

These vehicles are set to take the next year by storm and revolutionize the motor-vehicle industry so we’d suggest getting yours as early as possible and be the envy of those around you.


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