Toyota is a popular Japanese car’s manufacturer around the world. The vehicle designs of this company get characterized due to its draft and rustic model on the road as the 4Runner. But today, we’re going to talk about its upcoming Toyota cars to the market.


The new insignia car of the hybrid technology from Toyota owns a 31 miles superior autonomy in the electric mode and it’s able to reach the 83 miles per hour.

Mainly to the ion battery of higher capacity, this model of Toyota increases the first generation cars autonomy of the Prius PHEV. Now, the new vehicle owns an 8,8 kWh battery. As such, Toyota claims a half consumption of 1,4 l per 62 miles. And CO2 emissions of 32 g / miles.


Despite its higher autonomy, Toyota claims that the battery only late two hours and 30 minutes in getting charged in a 230V outlet. It’s important to underline that sun panels above the roof recharge the battery when the sun shines and a warm bomb allows to the conditioned air works without having to use the battery when the car roads in electrical mode.

The design of the new Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid has a personality still more attractive than the new Toyota Prius one. The idea of this design is to avoid a confusion with a Prius model. For that reason, the Prius Plug-In Hybrid has optical forward groups with four LED technology focus and LED technology pilot lights with a specific design which make a unique light signature.

The releasing date of this car is 2017.



Keeping the line of the future cars of Toyota, the Japanese manufacturer launched at the Detroit Hall a sport and incredible car concept called TOYOTA FT-1. This car is an essay released by Toyota to show us how will be the future car’s model of the company. By the moment, the vehicle model is only available in the Grand Tourism 6 video game. The name means ‘Future Toyota’ and the number 1 expresses the ultimate.

The concept of the car is a through by time revision. Toyota is the owner of the popular Celica car which is a sport and attractive vehicle model. This FT-1 model is more aggressive, original and modern car than the Celica one. There’s not a defined price and a releasing date for this car, but the company claims that will be released in the future. Isn’t great?


The TOYOTA C-HR has been developed over the TNGA platform, it has a 1.8 hybrid system and combine a short structure with the elevated floor position of the cabin. The pictures show a strong crossover, almost aggressive which it’s ready to compete with Nissan and Qashqai. Also, we know about this car a futurist and too exciting interior design.

A hybrid propulsion system is in charge of the movement which is composed of a fuel motor with a thermal efficiency superior to the 40%. An electric propulsor with a new development charged by a battery designed to be more light and compact. This car promises to be really competitive in the international automotive market.


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