The VW Golf GTD 2016 refers to the latest generation of the Golf family in 2016 which is a trendy vehicle as well as a desire for many. It has also been designed for a powerful performance where it has the ability to produce up to 45 miles-per-gallon (mpg) making it stand out among many executive saloons, as well as hatchbacks. As compared to the VW GTI, it comes equipped with a better design, suspension as well as chassis control. In terms of fuel consumption, the VW GTD consumption is quite low as it is equipped with a great engine, making it a hatch with a great demand.

Description / Features

When it comes to the features and functionality, the VolksWagen Golf GTD comes equipped/packed with a number of great features which make it a state of the art vehicle for its class, such as;

Great engine and gearbox: The VW GTD comes equipped with a 2 liter and 4-cylinder engine that is turbocharged with diesel, with a performance of up to 181 bhp, making it very great in performance as compared to other models such as the GTI. It gives up to 280 lb of torque for a great acceleration.
Having a 6-speed gearbox engine also makes it powerful for its modification and performance, making it very easy in the changing of gears, as well as the engine rev. However, on the downside, the fuel consumption becomes great.

Driving and Handling: The VW GTD has a stiff suspension as compared to other golf models, with alternatives to choose from three settings; the Normal, Comfort or Sport. Each setting gives a great drive experience, but however, it is important to determine the best setting to use at a particular time.

Interior: The GTD is equipped with a great interior that makes it differ from many other models, starting from the material choices in the fits and finish. Its seats are also very comfortable and well fixed for the strategic position of the vehicle. As the driver, you will be able to find a great driving position, since the pedals are well setup with spacing for the heel and toe. Technology is also well enhanced, with a touch panel for the navigation , dashboard, and audio panel. It also comes equipped with automatic braking and cruise control.


When it comes to comparison between the GTD and GTI, they both seem to have a great engine performance, although the GTD has a diesel engine (181 bhp), as compared to the GTI, which comes equipped with a petrol engine (217 bhp). The VW GTD also carries an aggressive look at the bumper, and a back spoiler for greater looks, whereas the GTI will also have a sporty look and 18-inch alloy wheels. On the interior, both come equipped with a comfy look, although the gear knob and look will have some bit of differences. All in all, they are both high-performance vehicles and the choice depends on preference.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a hatchback or sporty saloon that has a great performance for its design and value, then the GTD would be the vehicle to go for. They are both great sporty vehicles as compared with the GTI with a great value for the money. Try one today!



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