What To Do When Your Car Battery Dies

Most of us do not pay much attention to our cars, they are always ready to take us to our destination and then, take us back to our home. It is only when they stop working, we realize how important they actually are. One such situation is when you turn on your car only to discover your car battery is dead. It is one of the most horrible but common situations car owners face.

Car batteries tend to die at the wrong time. Not that there is necessarily a good time for your car batteries to die. However, you mostly discover your car batteries are dead when you are in a hurry to reach somewhere and your engine won’t start. So, what to do when your car battery dies?

Below are the detailed instructions on what to do if you face the unfortunate incident of a dead car battery.

What to do When Your Car Battery Dies?

1. Don’t Get a Cold Feet

Depending on your location and the time of the day your car batteries decided to stop working, your choices could vary. It is important for you to stay calm and not to get frenzied. Usually, there will be someone nearby whom you can contact to fix this issue. If not, then you can look for someone nearby who can jump-start your car.

Try to ask someone nearby if they are willing to lend you a helping hand. Almost everyone has been in this situation before one way or the other and can possibly relate to your impasse. So, don’t be shy and ask around, someone will definitely come to your aid.

2. Bring Out the Jumper Cables

It is extremely important to always keep some jumper cables in your car. These cables can save your life. It is highly likely that you found someone to fix your problem, but they don’t have the jumper cables with them. So, if you have the jumper cables in your car and you found someone who can help you out, then bring out those cables and jump start your car.

3. Double-Check You Turned Off Your Car

Before attaching those jumper cables to either car, make sure that both the cars are completely switched off. It is crucial for both you and your helper’s safety. If both the cars are not completely turned off, that can lead to severe damage. After all, nobody likes to get an electric shot on
their hands.

4. Hook Up the Red Clip

After completely turning off both the cars, connect the red clips of the jumper cables to the positive sides of your car battery. The positive side of the battery often marked with either POS or (+) and occasionally have a cap over it. Further, you need to make sure that you do not touch the metal present on the wires. You certainly won’t like to get an electric shock through your body.

5. Connect the Black Clip

After connecting the positive ends, its time now to connect the black clips to the negative ends of the battery. Some people might say to connect only one of the black clips to the negative side of the battery and connect the other black clip to another separate metal item.

However, it is advisable that you only do that if you are comfortable doing it. Otherwise, you can definitely connect both the black clips to your car battery without any issues and jump-start your car.

6. Turn on Your Car

Once you connect both the red and black clips with your car battery’s positive and negative sides respectively, let your car charge for about five to ten minutes. After that, proceed to test start your car. If your car does not start, then give it some more time to charge. If your car still does not start, then there may be something wrong with your car battery and you may need expert help.

7. Leave Your Car Running

If your car showing signs of coming back to life, then leave your car running. Give your car at least a fifteen-minute drive to allow your car battery enough time to recharge completely. After that, your car battery should be fine to resume and your life should be back to normal. At least the battery department of your car should be fine to continue.


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